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Five easy steps to the perfect wedding day

Thorough preparation will help to ensure your wedding day is really special. Picture of wedding couple and rings

1. Plan, plan, plan
Plan well in advance to ensure your big day runs smoothly. Problems are easier to correct if there is plenty of time available.

2. Put everything in writing
Prevent mistakes. Confirm any arrangements between you and suppliers in writing. Let them know about changes as soon as possible by telephone or in person and again confirm these changes in a letter.

3. Itís good to talk
Keep in contact with your suppliers. Confirm and check all bookings well before the big day to make sure your supplier is working to the correct times and will be ready.

4. Avoid misunderstandings about your intentions
Be sure that the supplier knows when you are just making an enquiry and when you are making a booking. When you order goods or a service, you have entered a legally binding contract that cannot be cancelled for any reason without you incurring a penalty.

5. Money, money, money
Set yourself a budget and stick to it. If you find you have over extended yourself and have to change your mind or cancel, it may cost you a lot of money in the long run.

What you can do if things go wrong

1. Supplier problems
If the supplier has failed to provide their goods or services, they are in breach of contract and you are entitled to a refund. You can also claim out of pocket expenses such paying a higher price for similar goods or services.

On the day

bulletTalk to the supplier. Can they offer any immediate assistance or alternative? Register a complaint if necessary and make a note the name of the person you talk to for future reference.
bulletTake photographs. These may be useful evidence if you want to claim compensation.

After the wedding

bulletComplain in writing as soon as possible
Write to the supplier, explain the problem, ask for compensation and donít forget to give them a time limit for their response.

2. If you cancel
If you have cancelled for any reason then you are in breach of contract and the trader is entitled to keep any deposit that has been paid. They could also claim any expenses incurred under the contract such as purchasing special paper for invitations or ordering material.

FREE advice
Ask Essex Trading Standards to send you a copy of their free advice pack. To request your copy ring their 24 hour answer phone 01245 341888 or e-mail now!

Also see 'Getting Married in Essex'.

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